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PEACE + HERB is the brainchild of a former medical student turned entrepreneur with health and wellness at its core principals. Our passion in the areas of sustainable nutrition, mental health, and healing provided us with the background necessary to bring quality wellness products to the consumer market.  We understand not all wellness products are created equal; thus our collection includes only superior products which uphold the highest standards in the hemp industry. We recognize the value of trust, personal service and the need for our clients to make educated decisions when it comes to their health and wellness. These are the principles which make PEACE + HERB exceptional.  


Whether you are just beginning to explore the many options of what is popularly known as CBD from HEMP or cannabidiol, or are already familiar with its benefits please notice we do not directly reference CBD in our product descriptions. In fact, CBD in its isolated form has been patented by the FDA, approved for medicinal purposes and is now being mandated as a non-available ingredient in nutritional supplements. That said, none of our manufacturers make claim to curing, treating or preventing any diseases. What we offer is a full array of premium wellness products sourced from US Industrial Hemp, containing <0.3% THC and processed utilizing CO2 extraction methods.  Our collection of broad spectrum and full spectrum products all contain the vital CBD compound.  However, it is just one of the many phyto-cannabinoid rich compounds, terpenes and essential oils which is present through this extraction process.  By design, our hemp extract collection allows for what is known as "the entourage effect" whereby, the body may optimally benefit from the combination of these properties. 


Whether you are a client of our in-store locations or an on-line client, we aim to provide an exceptional shopping experience which is rooted in the power of education and the value of personal attention.  Our team is eager to share our passion and knowledge with you and remains available to assist you at any time. If you have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact us via email. Thank you for visiting PEACE + HERB and we look forward to serving you in the future.